In order for the new field of weld overlay (cladding) to be discovered in the oil and gas region, DCLAD which specializes in weld overlay for all components of the wellheads and other services, was formed as a privately held corporation headquartered in the New Industrial Area – Qatar, specializing in cost-effective weld overlay (Cladding) and repair solutions for the industrial sector. DCLAD integrates new technologies and human efforts into prompt reliable solutions that fit clients needs.

Strategically located in Qatar, DCLAD has excellent accessibility to help our clients in Middle East, Asia, and Europe. Our workshop center is fully equipped with state-of-the-art high Tech of cladding machine, CNC machines, QC laboratory, lifting equipment, administrative offices etc.

At DCLAD, we have invested heavily in weld overlay cladding capabilities to provide our customers with the full Cladding and Machining package. DCLAD has the weld overlay technology to clad all wellhead parts, pipes, fittings etc. With the additional support, DCLAD is committed to have turnkey services starting from engineering, manufacturing, cladding and high kind of quality services offered to customers.